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  Artist Bio:  

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications from The University of Houston: Clear Lake in 2005. I have a strong foundation in traditional art but I have also been using graphics software for over ten years. I primarily use Adobe Creative Suite products for my digitally created designs but I also find the software useful for making sketches and enhancing reference material for traditional painting and drawing.

My secondary interest is in video production which started out as a childhood hobby but has grown into a skilled artform. What began with simple stop-motion animation has since expanded to everything from short films to even wedding videography.


I draw inspiration for my work from my over-exposure to pop-culture and people I meet along the way. Because of this, a large portion of my work has been focused on portraits and people in general. With many of my digital pieces I try to reconnect people with nature; figuratively and sometimes literally. I enjoy being outdoors and I try to convey that idea when I can.

I also frequently collaborate with my brother on his various commissioned projects. The most name-dropping, famous piece being the Ronald McDonald Shoe Car project. That was as much a work of art as it was custom automotive fabrication. (For more info on that you can visit the link to his site under miscellaneous.)

Currently I am looking for any freelance, part time or full-time opportunities where my abilities may be better suited.

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